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How to use the Free Vouchers

STEP no. 1

⦁ Simply download the Free Voucher of your choice on your mobile
with one click from DOWNLOAD FOR FREE

(You must have completed the free member registration
or if you have already registered, you’ll need to sign in first
by entering your username and password).

STEP no. 2

⦁ Follow its Terms of Use & show the Free Voucher on your mobile to the business.

(Each Free Voucher is unique and includes a QR code, your full name with which you registered, and its unique code)

STEP no. 3

⦁ You simply pay the business the final value of the offer,
after the discount offered by the Free Voucher.

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Note 1: When using the Free Voucher, you must always keep in mind the Terms of Use as they are listed on each offer.

Note 2: Complete your free registration and become a member of by simply clicking here to receive anytime the Free Voucher of your choice!

How to Use the Discount Codes

STEP no. 1

⦁ Select the offer you are interested in, click on the link mentioned in the text and you will automatically enter the page of the partner business offering you the discount through

STEP no. 2

⦁ Once you are on the partner business’ page, follow the steps of your purchase, and enter the word MYDORO as a Discount Code in the relevant field. You will automatically get the offered discount and you complete your purchase.

With the Discount Code of, you save £ in the simplest way.

Note: When using the Discount Code, you should always keep in mind the Terms of Use of the offer page of each partner business as listed under the relevant section. – The new world of smart purchases

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